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Tracing Transactions through the Bitcoin Blockchain

Posted May 18, 2018. Pretty. 155 words.

Blockchain Tracer

This project demonstrates the ability to visualize, and trace transactions through the Bitcoin network, evaluating three different methods. Namely poison, haircut and First-In-First-Out (FIFO).

To achieve this, a web application was created to first build up a network graph representing Bitcoin addresses as nodes, and transactions as directional edges. This allows the user to easily grasp the history of any given Bitcoin address, and then trace any transaction either up or down the graph.

By clicking on a node in the graph, the application will automatically load that address and it’s associated transactions, adding it to the graph. By hovering over a node in the graph, the tool-tip on the right will appear. It displays a number of useful statistics about the address, and gives the user the option to trace transactions by clicking on any of the colourful buttons.


Posted November 7, 2014. Pretty. 141 words.


Despite the simplicity of their creation, a Spirograph can create complex and visually appealing shapes. Originally designed to help prevent banknote forgeries, the Spirograph is now a children’s toy sold worldwide.

Using commonly available mathematical equations I’ve created a simple simulation that creates many random Spirographs. Behind the scenes each Spirograph is rendered to a canvas buffer which is then drawn to the main canvas for performance.

Why not have a play, the code is available on GitHub.


  • Click or use +/-/C to create or remove spirographs.
  • Use the scroll wheel to speed up or slow down time.
  • Press space to play or pause the simulation.
  • Press T to toggle trails and I to invert.

Click here or the image above to start!

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