I have been Slacking, My Promise for the Future

 Posted September 17, 2018. Text. 229 words.

This summer I finished my exams, developed this blog, travelled across northern Europe, graduated from university, relaxed in Center Parcs, moved to Bath, started learning new instruments, and started working for Netcraft. It has been a busy time where I have travelled far and done many things. But when I think about it, I do not feel I have done enough. I feel that I have failed to create. I need to change this.

Starting this week, and aiming for every week (hopefully), I am going to challenge myself to design, create, and publish something here on this blog. I want to make new things. I want to fail. I want to fail a lot. But I know that even with my limited time, I will eventually make something good.

So, what will I make? I’m honestly not entirely sure. I am planing to start with a couple of Unity games and I am considering resuming work on some previous ideas. From there, I want to work on a lower level, and I have ideas. But, I do not only want to make games and demos. I want to experiment and make new, different things. Maybe I’ll write fiction, compose music, make art. Who knows? I don’t!

Anyway, I need to get back to work.

See you this weekend.

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