Quidditch Southern Cup?!?!?!

Posted November 12, 2017. Photos, Quidditch, Sports. 349 words.

So this year, I started playing Quidditch as part of Southampton QC. After a bit over a month of training, our club entered two teams into the Southern Cup where SQC1 won the upper bracket, and SQC2 (My team!) came second out of the lower bracket. It was a an amazing experience. I figured I should share some photos courtesy of Enrica Biasi.


As a chaser, I wear a white headband. Chasers focus on the quaffle, passing between themselves, aiming to score a goal.


Defending our hoops from an enemy chaser. Charlie, our keeper, is wrapping them.


On the offensive, we push as a team, trying to score a goal.


Dodging out the the way of the bludger. If it touches any part of me or my broom, I ‘fall’ off my broom and need to return to the hoops!


Lining up before our finals. The teams are united.


A team huddle, to prepare for the match to come!


Our keeper Charlie, driving the quaffle down the pitch and scoring. It was a close match, with both teams in SWIM (Snitch When It Matters) for last few minutes. We were up, but if either team caught the snitch (30 points) they would win the game. Minutes after the snitch entered, it was caught, by the Falmouth Falcons winning them the game 70* - 60.

Then it was time for SQC1s final vs Werewolves. Everyone there was watching. It was a good game, both teams played amazingly. SPOILERS: SQC1 win 140* - 90.

View the full Southern 2017 Brackets.

It was an amazing experience, I’m so happy that I could compete in a semi-national tournament a month into training. Since then, I have stuck with the team, and am excited for whichever tournament comes next. Looking back, I really needed a haircut!

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