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Posts from 2020

Fractal Pen Plotters

 Posted February 3, 2020. Fractals, Photos. 66 words.

Fractal Pen Plotters Nova

If you want to try for yourself, I have updated my Fractal Explorer to export fractals using PenPlot coloring. Then simply use potrace to convert the image to a SVG. If you want to print this specific fractal, why not download either the PNG or the SVG.

BathTub Orchestra at Roots

 Posted January 19, 2020. Flute, Music. 128 words.

BathTub Orchestra at Roots

Today the BathTub Orchestra’s is playing at Bradford-upon-Avon’s annual Roots Music Festival, at the Wiltshire Music Centre. I had a fantastic time playing the flute. Here is a playlist from the night.

We Made the Paper

 Posted January 14, 2020. Flute, Music, Photos. 18 words.

We Made the Paper We Made the Paper CLoseup

That was Over Quickly

 Posted January 9, 2020. Photos. 8 words.

That was Over Quickly