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Posts from 2013

Creating Games using C++ and SFML

 Posted December 10, 2013. 6thform, Games. 98 words.

This year I took part in the video game development club at sixth form. Here we were taught how to use C++ and SFML to make games from scratch. While not the greatest, I thought they were worth sharing anyway. Enjoy!

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Farewell Minecraft

 Posted October 2, 2013. Games, Minecraft. 67 words.

It is with a heavy heart, that I must wish Tempcraft, The Depths, and Mystia goodbye. A declining player-base, low staff interest, and lack of funds have lead to their final closure. It is sad, but everything has an end, and the time is now.

If you want to view pictures, they are available on my flickr. There is a steam community of former members.

How to play Sevens and its Variants

 Posted July 17, 2013. Games, Rules. 278 words.

Shuffle a deck of playing cards without jokers, and deal out between players. All of the cards must be dealt out even if certain players have additional cards. Players then take it it turns placing down cards. Ace is high.

The seven of each suite must be placed down first, and then adjacent numbers of that suite can be placed above and below it. If a player cannot play then the game skips to the next player. The game is over when a player places all of their cards, but can continue until all of the cards are placed.

Playing Cards

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Visiting Cornwall

 Posted July 14, 2013. Photos, Travel. 37 words.

Cornwall is nice and peaceful. A view of the beach. The Tate St. Ives. Soaring kites.

The Beach Tate St. Ives Soaring Kites

Acrylic on Canvas

 Posted June 3, 2013. Art, Painting, Photos. 40 words.

Here are two paintings of mine using acrylic on canvas.

Both are inspired by places and photos in my local community.

The Woodlands The Highstreet

The woodlands. The highstreet.