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How to play Sevens and its Variants Jul. 17, 2013 in Games, Rules, Text

Shuffle a deck of playing cards without jokers, and deal out between players. All of the cards must be dealt out even if certain players have additional cards. Players then take it it turns placing down cards. Ace is high. The seven of each suite must be placed down first, and then adjacent numbers of that suite can be placed above and below it. If a player cannot play then the game skips to the next player. The game is over when a player places all of their cards, but can continue until all of the cards are placed.


Cheating Sevens

With the exception of seven, cards are placed face down, not face up, with players announcing the card. Players can lie so at any point any player can call CHEAT on the last card. It is turned over and if the accuser is wrong they simply skip their next turn. However, if they are right the next card is turned to check, and so on until either seven is reached, or a correct card is found. The accused then picks up all of the cards and play resumes.

Concurrent Sevens

Two players opposite each other play simultaneously. On their turn, they pick a card and place it face down in front of them. Concurrently, they flip and the card closest to seven is placed, with the other card returning to their hands.

Infinite Sevens

Infinite sevens is played with at least two decks of playing cards. Play is identical, except that Ace is simultaneously both high and low. This allows cards to wrap around crazily.

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