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Bring the Light

 Posted October 7, 2018. Games, Text. 349 words.

I teased with an idea, and here is a very basic demo of it complete and released. Just a warning, it runs poorly, looks bad, and isn’t fun to play. Enjoy!

Bring the Light

On a more serious note, while this is not the result I wanted I have definitely learned, or at least re-learned a few things. Looking over it, a project like this is likely too big for me, at my current skill level, with the short amount of time I gave myself.

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How to Play: Box Chess! Reverse Chess! Stratego Chess!

 Posted September 28, 2018. Games, Rules, Text. 254 words.

Box Chess!

Not to be confused with chess boxing, although feel free to play box chess boxing.

Bow chess is a new, dumb, derivative, variant of chess that we almost certainly reinvented down at the pub on a Friday night. To play take a standard chessboard. No piece is allowed to enter or pass through c3-c6, d3, d6, e3, e6, or f3-f6. The knight however can jump over the spaces and land in the center two by two square.

It was fun, and strange to play. If bishops feel to week swap the blocked spaces for c4-c5, d3, d6, e3, e6, and f4-f5 to form a ring instead.

Reverse Chess!

Reverse chess is quick, simple, and deadly. Start the game with the row of pawns swapped with the back row. That is it. Unlike a regular game of chess which starts with a slow (relatively) ramp up reverse chess is action packed from the beginning. Every piece is at risk and you are one move away from being checked.

I also suspect that this dumb perversion of chess could be solvable, or the start at least be optimised. What is the best first move, take a peice or check? I do not know!

Stratego Chess!

Statego Chess is chess, played on a Stratego-like grid. The squares d2-d3, d6-d7, e2-e3, and e6-e7 are blocked out and no piece, no even the knight can enter.

Unlike Stratego the peices are not hidden, it is a mix between the two.

Untitled Game

 Posted June 2, 2018. Games. 28 words.

Untitled Game

I have started making a new game with Unity (External). I do have a name in mind, but it shall wait.

One Weekend, Two Hackathons

 Posted January 28, 2018. Competitions, Games, Photos. 139 words.

This weekend, I participated in two hackathons. On Friday afternoon I took part in the Bloomberg CodeCon Grand Finals (again). Then in the evening everyone everyone went to Swingers Golf Bar. On Saturday morning I explored the city, swinging by the Tate Modern just before I left. Image courtesy Bloomberg.

Bloomberg London HQ

Then on Saturday evening and Sunday morning I created a game for the Southampton Game Jam, the theme was transmission. Normally you have 48 hours, but I was lucky to even have 20. So I got to work, and created SnowDrift, a classic 2D platformer, using raw JavaScript no frameworks. Click on the image below to play in your browser.


Overall, the weekend was busy, but fascinating. I really enjoyed it.

How to play Cheat, Sh*thead, and Cheathead

 Posted January 9, 2018. Games, Rules. 743 words.

Today I was playing a rather interesting variation of Cheat and Sh*thead with a group of friends, and thought it be worth sharing. But before doing so, I will fill you in on the rules of both games, for context. Alternatively click here to skip to the bottom.

Playing Cards

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How to play ███

 Posted July 9, 2017. Games, Rules. 209 words.

███ is a great game. ███ demands that you play it. ███ can be played with any deck of cards from any game, assuming it has suits and values. For example, ███ works well when played with Star Realms cards, and ███ could work well with Magic, or even scraps of paper.

Playing Cards


  • Deal out a number of cards to each player, the number doesn’t really matter in ███.
  • Players take turns placing down a card in the centre that is either higher or lower value and of the same suite, or the same value and any suite. This pleases ███.
  • If a player cannot play they must pick up. They have failed ███.
  • Shuffle the deck when it runs out. ███ must continue.
  • When a players hand empties, it is their turn to think of a new simple, secret rule. Contradictions please ███.
  • Do not explain this rule.
  • Enforce the rule viciously.
  • Do not mention the great ███.
  • Do not criticise ███.
  • Do not explain ███.
  • Do not argue about ███.
  • Do not make a mistake playing ███.
  • Do not fail ███.

Any mistake while playing ███ requires punishment, that player must pick up an extra card.

Designing Games with Unity

 Posted May 19, 2017. Csharp, Games, Innovation, Unity, University. 487 words.

Having previously created games in my spare time and in competitions, I chose to team up with three different partners to create games focusing on gameplay, narrative experiences, and innovative technology using Unity. It was hard, took a lot of work, but in the end it was one of the most satisfying modules I ever took at University. Shout out to Rikki Prince, Dave Millard, and Tom for running such and excellent module.

Planet Deathmatch

Planet Deathmatch

A fast paced, Quake inspired, local multi-player, little planet deathmatch infinite arena shooter. Hone your skills, then compete against your friends to see who can dominate the playing field. Supports up to 4 player split-screen, bring an Xbox controller. A student game created at the University of Southampton by Matthew Consterdine and Ollie Steptoe.

Featuring a number of classic weapons:

  • Shotgun: The short to medium range wild card, capable of one shotting your target, or missing entirely.
  • Launcher: Fires explosive rockets, knocking back all the enemies in your way. Just be careful not to get caught in the blast.
  • Pistol: Are your opponents not on fire? Well, that’s where the pistol comes in, it fires incendiary rounds igniting targets.
  • Axe: A visceral weapon that can end your opponent in a couple of hits.

Well, what are you waiting for? Play today!

Littlest Billy-Goat

Littlest Billy-Goat

A fully narrated re-telling of the fairy tale classic. Single player, play with a mouse/keyboard or Xbox 360 controller. A student game created at the University of Southampton by Matthew Consterdine and Jeff Tomband. Download and play.

Let it burn!

Let it burn!

Using your flame-thrower, wrack up points and burn the forest down. Single player, play with a mouse/keyboard or Xbox 360 controller. A student game created at the University of Southampton during the Southampton Code Dojo. Burn down everything!.

Last the Night

Last the Night

Last The Night is a procedurally generated first person survival game in which the player fights for their life after having crash landed on a mysterious, unknown planet. Armed with only a pistol, the player must fight off the various monsters inhabiting the planet, and only once the sun rises will they be safe.

With seed based world generation, there are literally millions of planets to explore with no two being the same, and with the addition of Easy, Medium and Hard difficulties, advanced players can challenge themselves whilst beginners can get a feel for the game. Last The Night features 17 different types of monsters, keeping the player guessing at all times.

A student game created at the University of Southampton by Matthew Consterdine and Ed Baker. Do you think you’re brave enough to last the night?

How to play Grabble

 Posted January 15, 2016. Games, Rules. 759 words.

Grabble is a fast paced, word game where players take it in turns to flip over tiles, forming words, and stealing words from other players.

I was first taught the game by Samson Danziger, and I am forming this list as from a brief glance, there is little writing on the topic.

Scrabble Tiles

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 Posted April 22, 2015. Games, Video. 88 words.


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(We've) Lost the Game!

 Posted January 29, 2015. Competitions, Games. 68 words.

This weekend Andrew Barrett-Sprot, Andrew Lewis, Mike Jewell, Ollie Steptoe, and me teamed up to make (We’ve) Lost the Game!, and entry for Global Game Jam 2015. After brainstorming, we decided to create a 2d survival game using Java and Slick2D. Overall, we’re pretty happy with it. Click to download via itch.io.

(We've) Lost the Game!

Electronic High/Low Game

 Posted March 26, 2014. 6thform, Assembly, Electronics, Games. 3525 words.

To start the game, the player will press either button which draws the starting card; once drawn, the player will need to choose if they think the next card will be higher or lower than the current card and press the corresponding button. If they are right the green LED will light up, if not the red LED will light up and the buzzer will sound.

Image 1

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Creating Games using C++ and SFML

 Posted December 10, 2013. 6thform, Games. 98 words.

This year I took part in the video game development club at sixth form. Here we were taught how to use C++ and SFML to make games from scratch. While not the greatest, I thought they were worth sharing anyway. Enjoy!

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Farewell Minecraft

 Posted October 2, 2013. Games, Minecraft. 67 words.

It is with a heavy heart, that I must wish Tempcraft, The Depths, and Mystia goodbye. A declining player-base, low staff interest, and lack of funds have lead to their final closure. It is sad, but everything has an end, and the time is now.

If you want to view pictures, they are available on my flickr. There is a steam community of former members.

How to play Sevens and its Variants

 Posted July 17, 2013. Games, Rules. 278 words.

Shuffle a deck of playing cards without jokers, and deal out between players. All of the cards must be dealt out even if certain players have additional cards. Players then take it it turns placing down cards. Ace is high.

The seven of each suite must be placed down first, and then adjacent numbers of that suite can be placed above and below it. If a player cannot play then the game skips to the next player. The game is over when a player places all of their cards, but can continue until all of the cards are placed.

Playing Cards

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Scratch Pac-Man

 Posted July 21, 2009. Games. 48 words.

I created Pac-Man in Scratch.

Start Screen Maze

Starting the game. The maze. It changes as you clear screens.

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