Interrailing into Europe: Introduction, Brussels, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Plön, Copenhagen, Stockholm, London.

Interrailing into Brussels: Day 1 Jun. 25, 2018 in Brussels, Interrailing, Photos, Travel

Today is the first day of our adventure. After an early breakfast I set out and caught the express train to Waterloo. Then I walked across central London to St. Pancras International taking in the view on the way. At the station I meet up with my friends, chat, and catch the Eurostar headed for Brussels. We are on out our way.

We arrived mid afternoon, so after we checked into our hostel we ventured into the city, exploring the Grand Place. As places go it is pretty grand with many old and fancy guild halls from when this square was more than just a tourist attraction. Nearby is the infamous and underwhelming Manneken Pis along with several large murals.

For dinner we buy ingredients and retire to the hostel. We cook a simple pasta dish. As we now have a rough idea of the cities layout we discus plans for the next few days. Tomorrow we decide to head north towards the Atomium and see the remnants of Expo 58.

Catching the Train Entering Waterloo

Catching the Train. Entering Waterloo.

Crossing the Thames Embankment Park Trafalgar Square

Crossing the Thames, Embankment Park, and Trafalgar Square.

St. Pancras International The Eurostar

St. Pancras International. The Eurostar.

MIMA by the Canal An old factory facade Space Invaders

MIMA by the Canal. An old factory facade. Space Invaders.

Grand Place People taking photos of the Manneken Pis

Grand Place. People taking photos of the Manneken Pis.

Part of the Comic Walk Part of the Comic Walk Part of the Comic Walk

Part of the Comic Walk

A Black Cat A Ginger Cat

A Black Cat. A Ginger Cat. A total of: 2 Cats, 42 Photos, 22,226 Steps, and 3 Trains.

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