Interrailing into Brussels: Day 2

Posted June 26, 2018. Brussels, Interrailing, Photos, Travel. 472 words.

Day two and we were off to an early start. We ate a buffet breakfast, talked to our hostel-mates, and ventured north.

We visited the Basilica and peeked inside. Finished in 1911, this modern cathedral is a marvel. Then we caught a train.

Then, off to the Atomium we went. It is huge and has fantastic views of the surrounding city. Then, we visited the ADAM museum and wandered around the Expo grounds. Most of the buildings have been long since destroyed or replaced, but the Chinese and Japanese pavilions are still intact. Or so we thought. Upon arriving in the gardens we find the Chinese pavilion boarded up and the Japanese pavilion inaccessible. Light research reveals that they were both closed five years ago as they were starting to fall apart. A shame.

In the evening we cook a fry up, and play a few games of pool.

Zeppelin The Streets Lamp and Trees

Zeppelin. The Streets and a Lamp and Trees.

The Basilica from the Green The Basilica on the Hill

The Basilica from the Green. The Basilica on the Hill.

The Road Inside Light through the Trees

From The Road. Inside and Light through the Trees

Metro Building Five

Metro. Building Five.

The Atomium from Afar ADAM

The Atomium from Afar. ADAM.

Plastic Furniture Plastic Things Blue Light

Plastic Furniture. Plastic Things. Blue Light.

Hidden Secrets

Hidden Secrets

The Atomium from Below Up and Out

The Atomium from Below and Up and Out

Mini-Europe Expo 58

Mini-Europe. Expo 58.

The Plan Rising Through the Mist

The Plan. Rising. Through the Mist.

Eeuwfeest Monument

Eeuwfeest. Monument.

Royal Palace Chinese Pagoda Japanese Tower

Royal Palace. Chinese Pagoda. Japanese Tower.

Memorial Bustling Crossroads

Memorial. Bustling Crossroads.

A new Challenger Approaches Pretty Cute

A new Challenger Approaches. Pretty Cute.

Playing Pool

Playing Pool

2 Cats, 2 Churches, 102m Climbed, 2 Museums, 144 Photos, 2 Pool Games Won, 24,367 Steps, and 3 Trains.

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