Interrailing into Amsterdam: Day 1

Posted June 29, 2018. Amsterdam, Interrailing, Photos, Travel. 181 words.

We travelled from Brussels to near Amsterdam, staying in Ultrecht for the night. The day is mostly uneventful, with most of it spent on the train. However, we walk along a few Dutch canals, explore the suburbs, and have dinner in IKEA.

Leaving The Hostel Brussels Central Station Walking Along The Avenue

Leaving The Hostel and Brussels Central Station. Walking Along The Avenue.

Whale Tail Suspended Elevator

Whale Tail and Suspended Elevator

Train Graffiti Walking Into The Light

Train Graffiti. Walking Into The Light.

A Mural

A Mural

Docks And Boats Motoring Past The Houseboats

Docks And Boats. Motoring Past The Houseboats.

Ikea A Pond In A Park

Ikea. A Pond In A Park.

12 Meatballs, 40 Photos, 21,258 Steps, and 2 Trains.

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