Interrailing into Europe: Introduction, Brussels, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Plön, Copenhagen, Stockholm, London.

Interrailing into Amsterdam: Day 2 Jun. 30, 2018 in Amsterdam, Interrailing, Photos, Travel

For our second day we catch the train into Amsterdam, have breakfast by the canals, and explore the city. We wander. Our party takes a trip to Body World. Finally, we take the free ferry to the north and have some ice cream. The weather is perfect.

Inside Ultrecht Station Looking At Amsterdam Central Station

Inside Ultrecht Station. Looking At Amsterdam Central Station.

So Busy A Mistake

So Busy. A Mistake.

Stained Glass Is Beautiful An Obelisk The Canals Of Amsterdam

Stained Glass Is Beautiful and An Obelisk. The Canals Of Amsterdam.

My Very Cheesy Grin

My Very Cheesy Grin

Two Friendly Dogs Flowers

Two Friendly Dogs. Flowers.

Me On A Bridge Hook Line And Sinker

Me On A Bridge. Hook Line And Sinker.

Water Fountains Inside Vondelpark

Water Fountains. Inside Vondelpark.

Light Filtering Through Leaves Red Roses A Shot Of Nature

Light Filtering Through Leaves and A Shot Of Nature

Crowds Resting In The Shade

Crowds Resting In The Shade

Fierce Timid Resting

Fierce. Timid. Resting.

Up The Canal

Up The Canal

Bodyworld Is Weird Super Weird Crazy Weird

Bodyworld Is Weird

What Even Is This I Don't Know So Many Bikes In Amsterdam

What Even Is This. I Don’t Know and So Many Bikes In Amsterdam

So Many Boats In Amsterdam Knitti Graffiti

So Many Boats In Amsterdam. Knitti Graffiti.

Locking A Sleepy Dog

Locking. A Sleepy Dog. A total of: 142 Photos, and 32,729 Steps.

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