Interrailing into Stockholm: Day 5

Posted July 16, 2018. Interrailing, Photos, Stockholm, Travel. 238 words.

The penultimate day. We see the metro system, a museum, and escape from an escape room.

We Explore The Subway This Is T Centralen We Get Off After One Stop

We Explore The Subway. This Is T Centralen. We Get Off After One Stop.

This Is Kungstradgarden

This Is Kungstradgarden.

Looking Up The Escalators Stone This Is Stadion

Looking Up The Escalators. Stone. This Is Stadion.

A Boulevarde Splashy

A Boulevarde. Splashy.

A Stone Tale The Treasury

A Stone Tale and The Treasury.



Something Now Departing Lights

Now Departing.

Dice A Maz Ing

Dice are Amazing.

Across The Water Statue The Streets

Across The Water a Statue and the Streets.

From City Hall

From City Hall

74 Photos.

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