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Why have pirates been such a problem in the Indian Ocean?

Posted November 3, 2011. Geography, Piracy. 2596 words.

The coastline around the country of Somalia is full of people committing acts of piracy and holding people hostage for a ransom. These are not pirates like you see in films but rather 20-35 year old Somalians with speedboats, GPS and modern guns. They attack cruise liners, oil tankers, fishing vessels and any other boat which they think they are capable of capturing. I am going to attempt to look for the reasons why high levels of piracy are taking place in the area and then why it is such a problem for people who need to travel or transport good by sea. To start will research Somalia then other aspects to work out why pirates have been such a problem in the Indian Ocean.

I believe that the reason pirates have been such a problem is because Somalia is a failed state and consequently very poor, turning people with boats into pirates due to the money involved.

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Erosion at Hengistbury Head

Posted September 19, 2011. Erosion, Geography, Photos. 2679 words.

Walking along Hengistbury Head

Hengistbury Head

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