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Experimenting with Microsoft Hyperlapse

Posted April 7, 2016. New-zealand, Singapore, Videos. 224 words.

Whilst abroad I put Microsoft Hyperlapse to the test, first in Singapore, then in New Zealand.

Riding the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit system (4x Hyperlapse)


Driving around Auckland (16x Hyperlapse)

Talking about New Zealand

Posted November 10, 2011. English, New-zealand, Travel. 449 words.

Hello, I am here to talk about my trip to New Zealand and my experiences visiting the country. I chose New Zealand as I have visited it many times and I feel that it would be interesting to discus.

Aerial Photo

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My New Zealand Road Trip

Posted August 19, 2008. New-zealand, Photos, Travel. 1021 words.

This year I went on a road trip from the bottom of the South Island, all the way to the top of the North. It was a great trip. I got to see some amazing places, spend time with relatives, and overall I have a fantastic time.

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