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Interrailing into Hamburg: Day 2

Posted July 4, 2018.Hamburg,Interrailing,Photos,Travel.328 words.

We spend the day inside Miniature Wonderland! It’s amazing.

Sitting On University Grounds Eating Break Unzipped

Sitting On University Grounds Eating Break. Unzipped.

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Interrailing into Hamburg: Day 1

Posted July 3, 2018.Hamburg,Interrailing,Photos,Travel.162 words.

A day of travelling spend mostly on a train. Not much happens today. When we arrive in Hamburg we check into our hostel, and wander the streets. We see a dragon.

I'm On A Train A Deserted Platform That Time Forgot Entering Hamburg Looking Back At Hamburg Central Station

I’m On A Train. A Deserted Platform That Time Forgot. Entering Hamburg. Looking Back At Hamburg Central Station.

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Interrailing into Amsterdam: Day 4

Posted July 2, 2018.Amsterdam,Interrailing,Photos,Travel.274 words.

Sorry about the delay, I had some really bad news recently and lost the desire to update this blog for a little while.

On our last day in Amsterdam we split and rent two bikes, cycling all of the way into Amsterdam. It takes us two hours, and afterwards we relax and cycle around the city. In the evening we meet up again for an evening meal. We take the train back.

Ultrecht Station Train Tracks

Ultrecht Station. Train Tracks.

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Interrailing into Amsterdam: Day 3

Posted July 1, 2018.Amsterdam,Interrailing,Photos,Travel.272 words.

I’m on a boat. We visit the Maritime museum and see the sights.

A Tree From The Water

A Tree. From The Water.

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Interrailing into Amsterdam: Day 2

Posted June 30, 2018.Amsterdam,Interrailing,Photos,Travel.384 words.

For our second day we catch the train into Amsterdam, have breakfast by the canals, and explore the city. We wander. Our party takes a trip to Body World. Finally, we take the free ferry to the north and have some ice cream. The weather is perfect.

Inside Ultrecht Station Looking At Amsterdam Central Station

Inside Ultrecht Station. Looking At Amsterdam Central Station.

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Interrailing into Amsterdam: Day 1

Posted June 29, 2018.Amsterdam,Interrailing,Photos,Travel.181 words.

We travelled from Brussels to near Amsterdam, staying in Ultrecht for the night. The day is mostly uneventful, with most of it spent on the train. However, we walk along a few Dutch canals, explore the suburbs, and have dinner in IKEA.

Leaving The Hostel Brussels Central Station Walking Along The Avenue

Leaving The Hostel and Brussels Central Station. Walking Along The Avenue.

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Interrailing into Brussels: Day 4

Posted June 28, 2018.Brussels,Interrailing,Photos,Travel.324 words.

The last day, lets make it count. We walk to the Botanical gardens and split. Me and Andy decide to visit Autoworld.

Swag A Statue An Interesting Facade On An Empty Building

Swag. A Statue. An Interesting Facade On An Empty Building.

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Interrailing into Brussels: Day 3

Posted June 27, 2018.Brussels,Interrailing,Photos,Travel.405 words.

After visiting the Atomium yesterday, we journeyed south-east towards the European Parliament. There, we saw the fantastic House of European History, the disappointing Parliamentarium, and the interesting Hemicycle.

We walked back to the hostel, cooked, and rested for the dinner.

A Wall Mosaic Suspended Street Lighting

A Wall Mosaic. Suspended Street Lighting.

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Interrailing into Brussels: Day 2

Posted June 26, 2018.Brussels,Interrailing,Photos,Travel.472 words.

Day two and we were off to an early start. We ate a buffet breakfast, talked to our hostel-mates, and ventured north.

We visited the Basilica and peeked inside. Finished in 1911, this modern cathedral is a marvel. Then we caught a train.

Then, off to the Atomium we went. It is huge and has fantastic views of the surrounding city. Then, we visited the ADAM museum and wandered around the Expo grounds. Most of the buildings have been long since destroyed or replaced, but the Chinese and Japanese pavilions are still intact. Or so we thought. Upon arriving in the gardens we find the Chinese pavilion boarded up and the Japanese pavilion inaccessible. Light research reveals that they were both closed five years ago as they were starting to fall apart. A shame.

In the evening we cook a fry up, and play a few games of pool.

Zeppelin The Streets Lamp and Trees

Zeppelin. The Streets and a Lamp and Trees.

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Interrailing into Brussels: Day 1

Posted June 25, 2018.Brussels,Interrailing,Photos,Travel.369 words.

Today is the first day of our adventure. After an early breakfast I set out and caught the express train to Waterloo. Then I walked across central London to St. Pancras International taking in the view on the way. At the station I meet up with my friends, chat, and catch the Eurostar headed for Brussels. We are on out our way.

We arrived mid afternoon, so after we checked into our hostel we ventured into the city, exploring the Grand Place. As places go it is pretty grand with many old and fancy guild halls from when this square was more than just a tourist attraction. Nearby is the infamous and underwhelming Manneken Pis along with several large murals.

For dinner we buy ingredients and retire to the hostel. We cook a simple pasta dish. As we now have a rough idea of the cities layout we discus plans for the next few days. Tomorrow we decide to head north towards the Atomium and see the remnants of Expo 58.

Catching the Train Entering Waterloo

Catching the Train. Entering Waterloo.

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Interrailing into Europe

Posted June 24, 2018.Interrailing,Travel.84 words.

Me and a few of my friends just finished university and so we have decided to go interrailing around Europe. On this blog I am chronically our journey. We are planning to depart from London and take the Eurostar to Brussels. There we will catch trains to Amsterdam, Hamburg, Plön, Copenhagen, and Stockholm. Finally we will be flying back to London on Ryanair. Our planned route is roughly as follows:

Untitled Game

Posted June 2, 2018.Games.28 words.

Untitled Game

I have started making a new game with Unity (External). I do have a name in mind, but it shall wait.

How to Get Rich (Without Getting Lucky)

Posted May 31, 2018.Text.815 words.

Seek wealth, not money or status. Wealth is having assets that earn while you sleep. Money is how we transfer time and wealth. Status is your place in the social hierarchy. Understand that ethical wealth creation is possible. If you secretly despise wealth, it will elude you. Ignore people playing status games. They gain status by attacking people playing wealth creation games.

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General Data Protection Regulation and Performance

Posted May 27, 2018.Gdpr,Law,Performance,Text.1147 words.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in effect, although with how many emails various companies have sent you asking for consent you are probably already well aware. I am not a lawyer but in a nutshell, the GDPR requires:

  1. Lawful, fair, and transparent data processing
  2. Limitation of purpose, data, and storage to what’s strictly necessary
  3. Rights for data subjects to know, view, amend, object, complain, or delete their data
  4. Active consent to data collection by the data subject or a parent/guardian
  5. Disclosure of data breaches within 72 hours to the data subject and the regulator
  6. Data protection and privacy by default
  7. Performing data protection impact assessments when required
  8. Accountability on data transfer
  9. A data protection officer if significant data is processed
  10. Awareness and training about data protection

Reading the requirements, while this may inconvenience some large, slow moving organisations this seems like a win for data subjects (i.e. 99% of people). Unlike cookie consent, this legislation has teeth with fines of up to twenty million euros of 4% of global turnover. Read the full text (External).

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Tracing Transactions through the Bitcoin Blockchain

Posted May 18, 2018.Pretty.155 words.

Blockchain Tracer

This project demonstrates the ability to visualize, and trace transactions through the Bitcoin network, evaluating three different methods. Namely poison, haircut and First-In-First-Out (FIFO).

To achieve this, a web application was created to first build up a network graph representing Bitcoin addresses as nodes, and transactions as directional edges. This allows the user to easily grasp the history of any given Bitcoin address, and then trace any transaction either up or down the graph.

By clicking on a node in the graph, the application will automatically load that address and it’s associated transactions, adding it to the graph. By hovering over a node in the graph, the tool-tip on the right will appear. It displays a number of useful statistics about the address, and gives the user the option to trace transactions by clicking on any of the colourful buttons.

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