Interrailing into Amsterdam: Day 3

Posted July 1, 2018. Amsterdam, Interrailing, Photos, Travel. 272 words.

I’m on a boat. We visit the Maritime museum and see the sights.

A Tree From The Water

A Tree. From The Water.

Sleeping Indoors A Street

Sleeping Indoors. A Street.

Flowebikeman The Condomerie

Flowebikeman. The Condomerie.



Balancing Bridge Inside The Maritime Museum

Balancing Bridge and Inside The Maritime Museum

Maps Through The Ages Ships Though The Ages Tools Through The Ages Warfare

Maps Through The Ages. Ships Though The Ages. Tools Through The Ages. Warfare.

A Recreation Of A Classic Tallship

A Recreation Of A Classic Tallship

The Stores The Nest

The Stores and The Nest

From Afar Amsterdam Harbour Grasses

From Afar. Amsterdam Harbour. Grasses.

Windmills In The Breeze Tick Tock

Windmills In The Breeze. Tick Tock.

Back To The Medieval Era A Fruity Drink

Back To The Medieval Era. A Fruity Drink.

A Residential Scene Past

A Residential Scene. Past.

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