Interrailing into Amsterdam: Day 4

Posted July 2, 2018. Amsterdam, Interrailing, Photos, Travel. 274 words.

Sorry about the delay, I had some really bad news recently and lost the desire to update this blog for a little while.

On our last day in Amsterdam we split and rent two bikes, cycling all of the way into Amsterdam. It takes us two hours, and afterwards we relax and cycle around the city. In the evening we meet up again for an evening meal. We take the train back.

Ultrecht Station Train Tracks

Ultrecht Station. Train Tracks.

Bubble Wrap Renting A Bike

Bubble Wrap. Renting A Bike.

Along The Country Roads Through The Countryside

Along The Country Roads. Through The Countryside.

By The River To A Fort

By The River. To A Fort.

Its Me

Its Me

Speckled Light Nice House A Garden In Amsterdam

Speckled Light and a Nice House. A Garden In Amsterdam.

Kids And More

Kids And More.

A State Of Balance I Amsterdam

A State Of Balance. I Amsterdam.

Eating Inside Vondelpark

Eating Inside Vondelpark

By The Canals The Light Boat Spotting

By The Canals. The Light. Boat Spotting.

67 Photos, and 20,183 Steps.

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