Interrailing into Europe: Introduction, Brussels, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Plön, Copenhagen, Stockholm, London.

Interrailing into Hamburg: Day 2 Jul. 4, 2018 in Hamburg, Interrailing, Photos, Travel

We spend the day inside Miniature Wonderland! It’s amazing.

Sitting On University Grounds Eating Break Unzipped

Sitting On University Grounds Eating Break. Unzipped.

A Strangely Tame Pigeon Hungry Ducklings

A Strangely Tame Pigeon. Hungry Ducklings.

Homeless In Hamburg The Fountain Rat House Town Hall

Homeless In Hamburg. The Fountain. Rat House Town Hall.

The Adjacent Square Hello World

The Adjacent Square. Hello World.

A Fountain Inside The Rat House A Ruined Church

A Fountain Inside The Rat House and A Ruined Church

From The Gardens A Huge Propeller

From The Gardens. A Huge Propeller.

Outside Miniature Wonderland Behind The Scenes

Outside Miniature Wonderland. Behind The Scenes.

A Model Gathering

A Model Gathering.

Miniature Woods Plaster Ravine

Miniature Woods. Plaster Ravine.

Led Vegas Sharp Snow

Led Vegas. Sharp Snow.

Mythical Beasts Static Sans

Mythical Beasts. Static Sans.

Fake Flowers Cold Fire

Fake Flowers. Cold Fire.

Amusing Amusements The Control Centre Silly Suburbia

Amusing Amusements. The Control Centre. Silly Suburbia.

Mechanical Issues Delayed Voyage

Mechanical Issues. Delayed Voyage.

Animated Airport Blue Waters

Animated Airport. Blue Waters.

Very Small Venice

Very Small Venice. A total of: 235 Photos, and 15,188 Steps.

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