Interrailing into Hamburg: Day 3

Posted July 5, 2018. Hamburg, Interrailing, Photos, Travel. 261 words.

Visiting the botanical gardens. Seeing the sights. Wandering the Waterfront. A good day.

Visiting The Botanical Gardens Venturing Inside The Greenhouses Purple Flowers Everywhere

Visiting The Botanical Gardens and Purple Flowers Everywhere. Venturing Inside The Greenhouses.

Pink Petals Pink Fractals Diagonal

Pink Petals and Pink Fractals.

Strange Bulbus Things Crackly Cactuses

Strange Bulbus Things. Crackly Cactuses.

Splendid Succulants

Splendid Succulants.

Photgraphing The Pond Outside The Botanical Gardens Birds

Photgraphing The Pond Outside The Botanical Gardens.

Film Crew Was On Standby With Gardeners In The Wings

Film Crew Was On Standby. With Gardeners In The Wings.

Pollinating Lavender

Pollinating Lavender

Remembering The Past The Docks An Open National Geographic Collection

Remembering The Past. The Docks. An Open National Geographic Collection.

Busking With A Piano Hi

Busking With A Piano. Hi.

Repetitive Architecture A Mural I Spotted Dinner

Repetitive Architecture. A Mural I Spotted. Dinner.

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