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Posts from 2014


 Posted November 7, 2014. Pretty. 146 words.


Despite the simplicity of their creation, a Spirograph can create complex and visually appealing shapes. Originally designed to help prevent banknote forgeries, the Spirograph is now a children’s toy sold worldwide.

Using commonly available mathematical equations I’ve created a simple simulation that creates many random Spirographs. Behind the scenes each Spirograph is rendered to a canvas buffer which is then drawn to the main canvas for performance.

Why not have a play, the code is available on GitHub.


  • Click or use +/-/C to create or remove spirographs.
  • Use the scroll wheel to speed up or slow down time.
  • Press space to play or pause the simulation.
  • Press T to toggle trails and I to invert.

Click here or the image above to start!

This Week I Start University

 Posted October 1, 2014. Photos, University. 33 words.

This week I start studying MEng Computer Science at the University of Southampton. A new adventure begins! Image courtesy of Wessex Scene.

University of Southampton Green

Building my Computer

 Posted August 7, 2014. Building, Computer, Hardware. 515 words.

After a couple years using a terrible, old HP laptop, I decided it was time to build my own computer. After completing a computing GCSE, creating games, and studying electronics, I had decided I wanted to study computer science and needed a computer to match. With advice from reddit I chose components, then successfully assembled it piece by piece.

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My Cats!

 Posted July 12, 2014. Cats, Photos. 10 words.

Cats! Cute Tiny Kittens.


Electronic High/Low Game

 Posted March 26, 2014. 6thform, Assembly, Electronics, Games. 3525 words.

To start the game, the player will press either button which draws the starting card; once drawn, the player will need to choose if they think the next card will be higher or lower than the current card and press the corresponding button. If they are right the green LED will light up, if not the red LED will light up and the buzzer will sound.

Image 1

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